Field Emergency Operations Center™

FieldEOC™ Security Trailer

Mission Critical Security Trailer on Demand

Through a partnership with Elite Systems Group LLC, the FieldEOC™-Security-Trailer offering, is an Elite Fail Safe Technology, DOT certified, hitch ready, fully equipped, all-in-one, mission critical communications & reliable situational awareness security solution on wheels, designed to work in the most demanding conditions, 24 x 7 x 365. Rest assured with convenient, user-friendly, secure, and interoperable environments, creating redundant & resilient grids to support routine and emergency operation needs. Fully scalable to achieve mission success, ensuring operations both on and off the grid. Deploy anywhere, highly-portable, easy-to-use, mobilized within minutes, and ready for in transit operations!
Need a custom trailer - please ask and we'll work with you to design and engineer the perfect package!

Why FieldEOC™-Security-Trailer

Critical Infrastructure Resilience
Reliable Mission Critical Communications • Continuous Power Operations (24 x 7 x 365) • Realtime Intelligence
Threatened or actual disasters caused by natural, technological and human-induced hazards
Energy • Utilities • Water Systems • Transportation Systems • Food & Agricultural • Communications & Cybersecurity • Healthcare & Public Health • Emergency Services & Public Safety • Defense Industry • Facilities (Commercial & Government)
Cascading Infrastructure Failures • Mass Casualty Incidents • Hostile Events • Incident Command System readiness
Realtime Situational Awareness • Asset & Resource Management • Rapid, Redundant & Reslient Sites
Continuity of Routine & Emergency Operations • Community Events • Sporting Venues • Parades • Civil Unrest • Government Facilities • Educational & Medical Campuses • Crowds • First Aid
This package is availabe to rent!
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Available Configurations

Workstation Equipment
  • Dedicated / function specific workstations
  • Laptops (Rugged, Traditional, Workstation, Notebook, Slim, Chromebook)
  • Tablets
  • Mission Critical Broadband (Fiber Optic, Copper, Cellular, Radio, Microwave, Satellite)
  • Directional / Omni-Directional Antenna/Arrays
  • Amateur Radio
  • Radio (UHF / VHF / HF / VLF / LF / MF / SHF / EHF)
  • Satellite phones
  • Solutions for GPS & communications-denied environments
Situational Awareness
  • Security Cameras (NDAA Compliant)
  • Audiovisual
Accessory / Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Local Weather (WX) Station
  • Tactical Drones
  • Radar
  • Spectrometry Sensors
  • Emergency Kiosk Stations
Advanced Networking
  • MESH
  • Failover / Redundancy
  • Virtual Private Network connections
  • Advanced Firewall (DNS, DMZ, NAT, Port Forwarding)
  • Virtual LAN / Partitioning
  • Faraday Shielding Bags / Containers
  • Computer / Crash Carts
  • Security Hardware
  • Inverter Portable Generators
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Deep Cycle Batteries / Batteries
  • Portable Solar Array
  • Power Arrays & Power Cables
Deployable Platforms
  • Fail Safe FieldEOC™ Workstation Essentials (Computer Based Emergency Tools, Office Productivity, Email/Internet/Intranet, Amateur Radio Computer Based Emergency Tools)
  • Fail Safe Tech & Elite Diz-suite of public safety solutions (DizReady, DizAlert, DizComm, DizPlan, DizPrep, DizMesh)
All FieldEOC™ packages are proudly assembled in the USA.